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About Analouise:
Analouise is a shamanic teacher, practitioner, and researcher. She meets individually with clients and teaches a three-month course, “Dying to Live: Our Personal Journey,” which focuses on shamanic practices that awaken our personal journey with death.

Analouise began teaching after completing Sandra Ingerman’s teacher training over ten years ago and is listed as a practitioner/teacher on shamanicteachers.com. She has also studied from other shamanic teachers, and is grateful to Adyashanti and Marlies Cocheret for their profound influence on her life.

Previously, with a doctorate in physical anthropology, she led health policy research for the US Congress, biotechnology companies, non profit research centers and in developing countries.  She is a member of the team that won a grant from the National Institutes of Health to conduct the first clinical trial of shamanic healing.  She and her fellow researchers have published 3 papers in scientific journals describing the results of that study.(links here)
(Feasibility and short-term outcomes of a shamanic treatment for temporomandibular joint disorders.)
(Journey into healing: the transformative experience of shamanic healing on women with temporomandibular joint disorders.)
(Long-term Outcomes of Shamanic Treatment for Temporomandibular Joint Disorders)

Analouise is a trained NET volunteer, and advises people on preparedness. She loves music and studies piano. She hosts a monthly meditation group. Whenever possible, she loves to hike around Mt Hood, enjoying the peace, beauty, and quiet of the woods. She is also an avid Timbers fan!