Dying to Live: Our Personal Journey
February - April 2016

I am offering a series of 3 classes that explore our relationship with death through shamanic journeys, forgiveness rituals, and teachings from the major Books of the Dead.

Over a period of 3 months, the classes allow us to withdraw, as our ancestors did, to practice a rite of passage—-loosening the attachment between our spiritual and our physical/emotional selves. We emerge from this space with a changed relationship toward our own death.

Shamanic wisdom and practices help us to prepare for our deaths. Powerful shamanic journeys guide us to open to the wisdom inside us, and experience psychic death and transformation while we are alive. 
Because we explore our death in a safe, loving, spiritual way, we begin to live life to the fullest each day.

Shamanic death and dying journeys are the most profound I have ever experienced; they changed my relationship with death.  I look forward to sharing these teachings and experiences with you.

We meet monthly, for three weekends — on Saturday all-day, and Sunday, mornings only.

At our third meeting, on Saturday afternoon, Ken Iverson, (http://www.portlandstorytellers.org/storytellers/ken-iverson/), a gifted, professional story teller, will tell us stories and legends as we sit around the fire to listen, drum, sing, and dance as our ancestors did.

Class 1: Preparation
Class 2: Initiation
Class 3: Tasting the Beyond
Shamanic philosophy and the major Books of the Dead teach us the unity of the human experience. We begin our life review with ceremonies to practice forgiveness, and start letting go of our physical/emotional selves.
We connect with our power animal’s spirit, and celebrate our life through ecstatic body posture journeys. We practice metamorphosis, and through ceremony, release our attachment to our personal histories. We practice dis-memberment and re-memberment, powerful shamanic initiation journeys. Ecstatic posture journeys help us to map the Beyond. Comparing the Books of the Dead and NDE accounts gives us insights. We celebrate the life we have, then ‘open the door to the Beyond’ by mapping our own transcendence. We return and celebrate our lives.
"This was a transformative and awe inspiring experience. As I walked to the door of death, I had a sense of delight and curiosity, a saying goodbye without clinging."
Caroline, Registered Nurse.
Classes are open to all: no previous shamanic journey experience is required.

The three classes form a unit and must be taken in order.

About this Course:
These classes explore your personal relationship with death. They do not prepare you specifically to work with the dying; however, personal spiritual work is a prerequisite for working with others, and many of the practices you learn in these classes can be used to help others.
Registration and Tuition
Contact Analouise to obtain a registration form and/or more information. (503).201.9224;

$125 per class; due 1 week prior to that class.
Discount: Total $300 for all 3 classes if paid
by February 12, 2016
Class 1: February 20-21, 2016
Class 2: April 2 - 3, 2016
Class 3: April 30 - May 1, 2016

Saturdays: 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM
(Class 1 begins at 9:00 AM)
Sundays: 10:00 AM- Noon

A rural setting on the outskirts of Lake Oswego.

“This class was the conscious beginning of my acceptance of death and dying.  I experienced a profound peace with the world where journeys are seen. I loved this class, and would take it again.
Jenn, Acupuncturist

About Analouise
Analouise is a shamanic teacher, practitioner, and researcher.  For over 30 years, with a doctorate in physical anthropology, she led health policy research in developing countries, for the US Congress, in biotechnology companies, and non profit research centers.  She is a member of the team that obtained funding from the National Institutes of Health for the first clinical trial of shamanic healing.  She and her fellow investigators have published 3 papers in scientific journals describing the results of that study.  She has studied shamanism from Sandra Ingerman, and other teachers (she is listed as a practitioner/teacher on shamanicteachers.com).  She also is grateful to Adyashanti (adyashanti.org) and Marlies Cocheret (marliescocheret.com)