Shamanic healing is an ancient spiritual and healing discipline practiced for over 10,000 years. The shamanic practitioner, listening to sonic drumming, shifts consciousness into an altered state. With practice and discipline, the knowledge gained in this deepened state increases our own healing, awareness, and wisdom. We can then use that wisdom to help others.

Most people begin shamanic healing by scheduling a soul retrieval. All of us have experienced some trauma in our lives. A soul retrieval brings back the healing gifts to heal the trauma and helps us feel more whole. A shamanic practitioner may also perform extraction, power animal retrieval, or other ceremonies.

A client then can receive follow up to help integrate the soul retrieval healing. If the client wishes, the shamanic practitioner will teach him/her to journey and learn to access direct revelation from their own shamanic journeys. We know from scientific studies of people while journeying that there are positive physiological and psychological changes that happen in our brains and immune systems when we journey.

Working with a shamanic practitioner provides you a protected space for manifesting and re-expressing feelings to unleash your potential for healing and transformation. Shamanic healing can heal old traumas, and allow you to reestablish contact with aspects of your true self. You can learn to understand your unconscious drives and begin to manifest your true, creative nature.

Clients report a range of effects including changes in their lives and relationships with others, being more relaxed and present, letting go of pain—both physical and emotional, feeling more whole, being more ‘in their bodies.’

In order to facilitate healing, a shamanic practitioner must dedicate to lifelong instruction from shamanic and spiritual teachers. A shaman practitioner must commit to spiritual and personal growth, compassion for others, maturity, strict adherence to ethical behavior, and a willingness to be guided by the spirits.